Saturday, March 12, 2016

Welcome to the Starting Line

We've gathered at our designated corrals and are making our way to the starting line. There's an excitement in the air (despite the ungodly hour) and as we look around we see kindred spirits. Those who understand what it took to get here. The planning that went into choosing the perfect costume, the miles, blisters and sore muscles, not to mention the determination, that got us where we are. The literal blood, sweat and tears that brought us to today. The chEARleaders who encourage us both here and at home.

There really isn't anything quite as magical as a runDisney event. It's a magic I hope to emulate at Magical Run Concierge. This magical place is full of costume inspiration, training tips, and event information. A place of encouragement and resources for everyone from first time runners to old pros. A place filled with tutus, tiaras, and running shoes...we are runDisney Princes and Princesses after all. 

Run happily ever after!
Donna Kay


  1. You already have embodied the magic Donna- it is infused into every product you have ever made for me! Here's to Disneyland paris half Marathon planning!!

    1. Paris calls for the most amazing costume EVER!!!

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