Sunday, June 12, 2016

Are Your Red Pants Ready? runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series

I love everything about runDisney events, but as I've said before my favorite part is running with my friends.  I don't get to make it to as many events as I would like, that's why I love that runDisney has the Virtual Running Shorts Series.  But the best part is that even though I'm in Alabama and Donna is in New York we get to run "together" as Runketeers in the Red Pants leg of this challenge.

The Red Pants 5k completion time frame is June 5-18, so this weekend I decided to fire up the treadmill, pull on my Red Pants and run my 3.1 miles.  And I will get this awesome medal for my efforts!

Now, you cannot participate in any runDisney event in just any shorts and tee shirt. I had to have the perfect attire, and that's where the Runketeer tank from Magical Run Concierge comes in. It's perfect for this event -it matches my red shorts and is comfy and moisture wicking (because I may or may not have been on the treadmill for a while...).  I made some cute yellow shoes to tie to my running shoes and of course I had to have my bib. Thanks DIStherapy for providing an easy to find link in your post!!

Here's Flat Donna Kay all ready for race time!

And in honor of the Virtual Running Shorts Series I have added a fun new shirt to Magical Run Concierge. You can also join team Runketeer and order a tank of your own, we would love to have you!!  Because I love nothing more that running with Donna, let's celebrate by using the code SHORTS for 15% off  either shirt!

Don't miss Donna's post at DIStherapy!  And all of her fabulous posts there, it is my go to fun runDisney training info!! Now I'm off to get ready for the White Glove leg of the challenge.  Hope to "see" you there!!

Have a Magical Run!!
Donna Kay

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